Några intressanta lediga centernamn per liga i Europa

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  1. Mikael Norén skriver:

    Edvin, ja Christian Hanson ser helt klart intressant ut på pappret. Han tjänade inte heller orimligt mkt i AHL förra säsongen, 105 000 dollar. Vilket nog innebär att VIK måste betala i jättegrova drag runt 70 000 kr/månad för att Hanson skulle vara intresserad. Undrar om han har folie under handskarna som sin far i den kända filmen 😉

    Christofer, Layne Ulmer är intressant på alla sätt, men ålder plus alla år i Italien gör det lite svårare, precis som du skriver. Joe Jensen är NHL-meriterad men har inte superstarka stats i Italien och är inte helt ung. Jensen känns nog lite för svag på pappret…

  2. Christofer Hagström skriver:

    Jag har hittat två ifrån serie À ligan som verkar intressanta Layne Ulmer som du skrev om tror jag skulle funka bra. Bra statistik men vad har åren i Italien gjort, börjar bli till åren motivationen? Sen har vi en som Joe Jensen http://www.eliteprospects.com/player.php?player=9905 lite yngre men okej statistik ett ganska okänt kort för mig, men det är ju dom som brukar komma. Väntar med spänning på attest ska komma nåt nyförvärv.

  3. Mikael Norén skriver:

    Gurkis, pratade lite med Matias Strozyk om de som lirat i Finland ovan:

    Locke didn’t impress because he is a playmaker and his team wasn’t exactly the most efficient finisher in the league. In essence, he has the creativity and hockey IQ of a star but the skating and grit of an average U18 player. I don’t think he will play in Allsvenskan, he is highly expensive and can probably find a spot in either North America or Switzerland, Germany etc. One advantage Sweden would have over a league like the KHL is Locke and his wife had their first child last summer and while he had offers from Russia a year ago, the thought of living there and dealing with all the traveling didn’t entice them as much as other top European leagues.

    Perrault and Elkins played for the same team. Elkins’ arrival was pretty complicated since nobody really knew if he was under contract with HIFK or Norfolk/Anaheim and where he should be playing. He ended up playing 10 games in the regular season and then 8 more in the playoffs scoring a total of 10 points. He’s really versatile and a very good two-way player but hasn’t been able to produce in North America as well as he did in Finland. I don’t know if he’s returning to America but it woldn’t surprise me if he stayed in some top-tier Euro league, maybe even Finland. Perrault had a lot more difficulties including a bad injury before the season even began. He struggled with keeping up with the pace of the game and never really got the best out of himself, which makes him a bit of a mystery.

    Lee has been kind of going from team to team in Finland, four teams in the last 2 years. He’s never produced like a 1st line center should but has instead been a 0,5PPG type of forward. Like Perrault, he had an injury early in the season and didn’t return until a couple of months into the regular season. He has a good attitude but doesn’t possess the offensive firepower to score like a leading forward in SM-liiga should.

    Of the players you listed, I’d say Lee would be the most likely to be available for Allsvenskan teams. Locke should be off-limits, probably Elkins as well.

  4. Edvin Lindelöf skriver:

    Christian Hanson tycker jag är intressant som spelat med Willams förut….

  5. gurkis skriver:

    Mest intressanta tycker jag är Corey Elkins! Bra storlek och stats